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Automate User Research and Capture Insights That Matter

Qualaroo gives SaaS companies real insight to the user experience with advanced targeting, dynamic insight reporting, and more.

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Prototype new designs, copy, or experiences to address discovered issues

Validate your changes by sharing a new version with a portion of your community

Iterate on your solution and continuously gather feedback from relevant groups

Qualaroo is the only feedback tool offering Sentiment Analysis, powered by IBM Watson.

We’ve partnered with IBM because collecting user feedback is only half the battle. Once you have input from the right users, it’s time to make sense of it all. With Sentiment Analysis, you’ll get a snapshot of how users feel and get to work improving their experience in no time.

Visualization for easy to digest results

Qualitative feedback summary with Word Cloud

Save time by understanding feedback without digging through responses

Better understand your mobile users’ patterns with Qualaroo’s mobile SDK.

Target mobile users to collect relevant feedback and improve your users’ cross-channel experience.

Functionality customized to in-app experience

Achieve (and maintain) a 5-star app experience

Leverage user data to ask personalized questions for higher engagement

Powering user experience insights
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Reasons to Love Qualaroo


Ask the right question, to the right person, at the right time.


Collect insights from your users in a seamless way thanks to our native in-product nudge.


Go beyond the WHAT of user insights and learn the WHY behind them.

Qualaroo is trusted by leading brands

Qualaroo gives us the insights we need to answer specific questions, connect with our customers, and in general feed ideation during early stages of product discovery.

Laura Schaffer, Product Manager for Twilio’s Experimentation Platform

We’ve used Qualaroo to ask students to rate the quality of machine-translated captions and  from the responses, we've been able to make product optimizations that improve the caption editing capabilities for instructors.

Claire Menke, 

Director of UX Research for Udemy

What customers are saying

We are quite keen on establishing more of a pulse format than a long traditional, involved survey format. Qualaroo is powerful when it comes to this kind of surveying strategy.

Ajantha Suriyanarayanan

Director of Consumer Insights for

We used the feedback data from Qualaroo to completely redesign our branded landing page and validate our hypotheses. Qualaroo gave us a 16% lift in conversion at 98% statistical significance.

Jaxon Lam , Senior Strategist 

Web Growth, Hootsuite Media Inc.

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